The timeless “classic” lines in oil and vinegar, together with the olives and pâtés are suitable for the preparation of numerous recipes; ideal for aperitifs, starters, side dishes, mouth-watering bruschettas or enriching and/or seasoning first courses
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The LUSINGHE line by INPA invites you to discover the gastronomic culture of Italy. LUSINGHE boasts a passion for traditional Italian flavours combined with careful selection of the best raw materials and attention to detail in the choice of packaging. Quality and tradition as well as modern reinterpretations of typical products deliver excellent products to the table, every day.
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Tradition and connection with the territory; INPA is sited in the town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, the renowned renaissance artist and inventor. The DA VINCI brand is elegant, ingenious, sublime, delicious, exaggerated and was created to pay homage to its illustrious fellow citizenwith a selection of products and recipes typical of the Tuscan and Italian gastronomic tradition.
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The new line of INPA "NATURA" organic products was born from our passion for genuine products.
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The INPA line at the catering service; glass jars, tubs, buckets, and cans to satisfy every type of need in the sector.
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Genuine selection


Our ingredients are rigorously selected and come from controlled and safe cultivations.

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