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INPA has gained over 60 years of experience in the production and marketing of products of typically Italian origin, and, in particular, from the region of Tuscany: pickles, olives, sweet and sour, ready-made condiments, sauces, gravies, pâtés, and specialties.

Through this experience, the company has progressively optimised its manifacturing processes and guarantees for the finished product, as well as maintained a constant research for the best raw materials from Italy and the rest of the world.

Over the years the company has also developed and consolidated a strong vocation for contract production, allowing us to operate as a qualified partner for collective catering and for large-scale organized distribution, both Italian and foreign.

 INPA today occupies a site with a total area of over 10,000 m2, of which 2500 m2 has been equipped with multiple production lines, operated and managed by 50 employees, producing a turnover of over 18,000,000 euros.

INPA, from 1959 to the present day


INPA is a company founded in 1959 through the intrepid and resourceful spirit of Emilio Innocenti and his wife Franca, siting it in the town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, the renowned renaissance artist and inventor.

By 1965, the company was already booming and had expanded to have its first warehouse and a fleet of vans for direct deliveries. IN.PA becomes a general partnership (commercial).

In response to growing market demands, between 1987 and 1994 INPA invests in a new plant located in S. Ansano (also in Vinci), with state of the art production lines and an on-site world class analysis laboratory.

Thanks to INPA’s collaboration with Italy’s large-scale retail sector, the company grew rapidly and, in 1972, became INPA S.r.l. (equivalent of Ltd in UK, LLC in US). The factory expanded and, most importantly, Carlo and Lovania and their partners Luana and Gaetano, joined at the helm. Carlo and Lovania remain sole owners of the company to this day.

Fusing the experience accumulated in the sector, careful selection of typical traditional raw materials and a passionate flair for discovering new flavours, the company adds the delicious new brands LUSINGHE, DA VINCI, and LE SALSE, to its original ‘INPA line’ product range.

In 2009 in response to evolving markets and consumer needanother new line was created for the packaging of ATP, pasteurizable and refrigerated trays. Markets and consumer needs evolve continuously and INPA is always careful to grasp these signals and propose adequate and current packaging. INPA’s sensitivity to consumer demands and constant research into technological advancement in the sector led, in 2009, to the creation of an innovative line of vegetables in pasteurizable and refrigerated trays packaged in ATP.

In 2011 the quality control lab was expanded and equipped to monitor and guarantee the safety of the production process, from analyses of raw materials to the packaged end product.


In 2014 a palletizer with a robot arm was installed: a very advanced and efficient system capable of simultaneously managing the palletization of two parallel production lines.

In 2016 a new, more energy efficient boiler was installed, and traditional lamps throughout the company were replaced with LEDs, in line with INPA’s policy on sustainability. 

In 2021 extending INPA’s commitment to sustainability, a new 340 kW photovoltaic system came on line, which now produces half of the company’s energy needs, and the INPA 4.0 system was implemented for the continuous monitoring of processes and digital production planning.

Evolution and goals



Emilio Innocenti founded INPA in the town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, the great renaissance artist and inventor.


Purchase of the first warehouse and vans for direct deliveries.


Expansion of the factory. Emilio’s children join the company, who remain the sole owners today.


INPA moves to a new factory in S. Ansano, Vinci (FI). Production lines and analysis laboratory are completely renewed.


A new line is created for the packaging of ATP, pasteurizable and refrigerated trays.


Renewal of the quality control laboratory.


Installation of a new palletizer with robot arm.


Installation of a new, more energy efficient boiler.


The new 340 kW photovoltaic system is activated, producing half of the company's energy needs.


Implementation of INPA 4.0 system for monitoring process phases.

The founder

Emilio innocenti

Emilio Innocenti was the founder and first CEO of INPA. The self-taught son of a farmer, Emilio earned a place among the lineage of business leaders who, armed with ingenuity, intuition and bite, pursued the adventure of industrialisation in 1960s Italy, surfing the wave of the post-war economic boom. Emilio’s business journey commenced in a room of his own home where he was pickling vegetables with his wife in the 1950s and has developed into a successful family business with 3 production plants, producing 25,000,000 pieces per year. Most importantly, the company is still run by Emilio’s children and grand-children.

Commitment, sport, and values

Emilio had a deep connection with the territories where he grew up and their people. Throughout his life he supported the local community, sponsoring cultural and sporting activities. Emilio was particularly fond of two strongly-rooted Italian sporting traditions: cycling and football. For many years, Emilio championed the INPA G.S. team at the “Cerreto Guidi Grand Prix” race and he proudly became president of Vinci Football Club in the 1990s.

The same values, commitment to the territory, and its people still live on in Emilio’s and Franca’s family, now leading the company and continuing this beautiful Italian story of passion, engagement and love.

A beautiful italian story of passion and love


Founded in 1959 through the intrepid and resourceful spirit of Emilio Innocenti and his wife Franca, INPA remains today a ‘family affair’, developed and nurtured now by 3 generations.

Inspired by the same family values, their children Lovania and Carlo Innocenti and their spouses Gaetano Perzia and Luana Bertelli took over the management of the company in the 1980s. Strong with their technical and administrative skills and commercial intuition, they led INPA through a major development and site expansion.

Armed with the same passion and dedication, the third generation took the helm in 2021. Emilio and Franca’s grandchildren - Simone Perzia (CEO), Daniela Innocenti (Administrative Director), Massimo Innocenti (Commercial Director) and Daniela’s spouse, Marco Landi (CEO) - continue to nurture the “family affair” rooting INPA even further into those values, love for its territory, its culture, its traditions and projecting INPA into the future with a renewed sensitivity to social and environmental sustainability.

The Mission


INPA’s mission as a producer of preserved foods is the satisfaction of the consumer, ensuring hygiene, healthiness, and product safety. This is achieved by following the principles of the Codex Alimentarius in compliance with current legislation and customer specifications. Preserving the Italian gastronomic tradition is a key objective of the Management Board.