Values for Environment Quality


Through our Environmental and Quality Policy we highlight INPA's commitment to implement, achieve and maintain compliance with current legislation and more broadly with all voluntary agreements and policies related to environmental matters that are directly or indirectly affected by the company. We strive to achieve this through defining and constantly improving expected levels of performance for the Environmental Management System and communicating policies efficiently both internally and externally.


The Management system has been developed to achieve the following objectives:


Understanding consumer needs with suitable investigations and, when possible, predicting them through a combination of research, development of new recipes as well as improvement of existing ones with new preservation techniques.


Promoting technological standards with strategic investments in both the production area and logistics. This objective is achieved with the support of an in situ highly trained maintenance team that collaborates closely with key suppliers.


We are continually seeking and developing collaborations with suppliers and control systems from the harvest to the delivery of the raw material. Longstanding collaborations ensures that the best raw materials are selected as well as that the best service is provided. Suppliers are encouraged to choose non-GMO raw materials and to improve their environmental performance. Trackability and traceability are guaranteed from the arrival of the raw materials at INPA to the shipment on pallets of the finished product.


Product safety is pursued through quality control on all processing phases, with chemical-physical, organoleptic and product analyses performed by an internal laboratory (subject to validation with ring tests) and by qualified external laboratories. Maximum attention is paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises and systems for each production cycle with consideration for those at risk: organic, containing allergens or destined for kosher markets.


Workplace safety, implementation of environmental standards and operational efficiency are achieved by regular training all members of staff in their respective roles, to increase their skills, their awareness and their sense of responsibility within the organisation.


Providing regular training on: aspects of health and hygiene affecting the products, individual activities within the production, maintenance and quality control processes, and the environmental impacts directly and/or indirectly related to these activities. Complying with all relevant legislation (including voluntary agreements signed with the Interested Parties) relevant to any activity carrying an environmental impact. In line with customers’ policies, where possible, reducing the environmental impact related to the use of packaging.


Adopting the principle that everyone is a customer and subsequently a provider of the best possible service for colleagues and collaborators and for all interested parties. This guiding principle is followed and implemented through company strategies, instructions and communications both within the company and with interested parties (including returns from the field and voluntary agreements signed by the Company)

Values for Environment Quality


INPA's photovoltaic system produces 340 kW, covering 50% of the electricity needed for the entire production process.

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