Food safety


Food safety has always been in INPA's DNA

to the point that INPA’s first Quality Control laboratory was created in conjunction with the company's first artisanal productions when checks were carried out by Carlo Innocenti, the current owner himself, who had studied chemistry at University. The lab with a dedicated member of staff was expanded in the 1980s and, subsequently, in 1984 when another technician was employed. INPA has been implementing HACCP principles since 1995 complying with the Codex Alimentarius. A state of the art laboratory with 4 dedicated lab technicians is currently located immediately adjacent to the production area and in proximity to the area designated to all incoming goods to allow for maximum efficiency of just-in-time control on the production lines. Lab technicians perform controls on raw materials, semi-finished products, the product in process and the finished product. The laboratory is coordinated directly by the Environment and Quality Management System Manager who acts on behalf of the Management Board.

Every year the following are carried out:
Analyses of raw materials, including organoleptic and product tests.
Aanalyses for each product package in process every hour
Chemical-physical analyses on semi-finished products
Analyses of all finished product lots

Our laboratories’ analysis results are verified monthly by accredited laboratories that participate in periodic ring tests. Our laboratory guarantees traceability throughout our production system using a cutting-edge management system that manages the batches of materials and the finished product with barcode readers.

Additionally, the lab also collaborates with the “Research & Development” Team to create new prototypes of recipes and tests new preservation techniques. The laboratory is finally also equipped with a tasting room where consumers can anonymously test our products and compare them with others, processing their ratings on a database. INPA's Corporate Policy strongly influences the management of the Laboratory, which also deals with the daily monitoring of vegetable washing water, respecting the environment.

Analysis and controls


Product health and safety is achieved by working in spacious manufacturing areas, with state of the art equipment used by highly trained dedicated staff. These measures guarantee that quality standards are consistently maintained by monitoring products both from an organoleptic point of view (delivering the taste and flavors typical of Italian preserves) and products’ expected appearance and dimensions. Our laboratory is responsible for inventorying and cataloguing all the equipment and control instruments (pH-meters, scales, vacuum gauges, temperature probes, etc.) used during the manufacturing process. They are additionally responsible for monitoring their maintenance and calibrations, both internal and external.

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